Sunday, January 24, 2016

Help us secure State Heritage Listing for the remaining huts

I am just presuming and hoping, that you will agree with us : the huts need preserving.

There is a unique chance to take part in the hearings that will determine whether we get State Heritage Protection for the huts or not - any every person who attends the hearing as an audience member will be helpful to us.

We are lucky that the hearings will be held in Benalla, and at BPACC, on Wednesday 10th February 2016 and Thursday 11th February 2016. Although the times of the hearing have not been advised, I am sure they will go all day - i.e. 9 am - 5 pm. But check the Benalla Ensign the week before, Wednesday 3rd February. The Council column should provide you with the times.

Or come back to this blog!!!

We want State Heritage Protection because

1 - The huts are significant and we want them kept as they are and restored over time. Within them lies a sense of a past, that shaped Victoria. Tens of thousands of families have a direct connection to this site through their family's history. We are asking the State Government, through the Heritage Council to view the collection of photos, stories and items we have so far collated and to respect that this plain looking place actually holds a place in many hearts.

2 - State Heritage is the only legally binding protection there is. Once protected, the huts are safe. All other heritage listing, such as by the National Trust or by local heritage overlays can be ignored, or taken away over time. State Heritage Protection cannot.

3 - The huts are under threat. The Gliding Club of Victoria is so worried that heritage protection will inconvenience them that they have threatened in a recent letter to Heritage Victoria, to move the huts to Wangaratta. (There is currently some dispute over the ownership of the huts.)

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