Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Our petition to place heritage protection on the BARC Huts achieves well over 1,000 signatures !!

When Helen Topor and her husband Peter Fullagar (from Canberra) visited the exhibition in April, Helen was horrified to find so much of the former camp buildings gone, and the huts that are left in such poor repair. 
When I told her that the huts were not heritage protected she kindly offered to help, and start a petition. Thank you Helen.
We reached a total of 1,028 signatures. 406 on-line and 622 as paper-based. Victorian signatures make up 649 and of those, Benalla has 391. 
The rest, 379 are interstate Australian signatures.
International signatures add up to 68.
Well done and thank you everyone.
The fight to save the huts continues.

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  1. It was a pleasure to meet you Sabine Smyth and to experience this authentic and important exhibition commemorating the lives of postwar European migrants who lived in Benalla Migrant Centre. You're doing a great job, Sabine!