Tuesday, December 10, 2013

There are many ways to enjoy this exhibition

During exhibition openings (and particularly on the Australia Day Weekend) , visitors come from all over Australia. Many contribute new photos and memories.

The Exhibition often brings people together - here Theo Cehun and his sister meet Joe Zajac (Volunteer Guide and former camp resident) again, after 50 years.
Irene van Rooyen (nee Michel, who was a child at the camp) and her daughter have arrived from Queensland to view her family photos.

The complete enrolment book of the Migrant Camp Primary School brings many people joy when they see their name or the name of their friends. Copies of pages can be ordered/purchased at the Exhibition for $5.

As the exhibition continues to grow, people come back repeatedly to see what is new. The Australia Day 2014 Exhibition will include a launch of 50 more photos. A booklet called 'The Stories Behind The Exhibition' is now for sale at $10.

If you are lucky, you might just have the pleasure to meet one of the original residents - here 97 year old Milda Sleinis visits with her daughter Gerda and is greeted by a former child acquaintance.

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